Welcome to my new website...always improving, never finished...but hopefully has some info you are looking for.

I am a Certified Personal Trainer*(exercise info at bottom) and Entertainer - please join me somewhere.




All live singing gigs and live exercise classes are on hold until further notice due to COVID 19.

Please stay tuned...

Private student group interval training classes available.

Please email me for information      missliz100@gmail.com

***Take the opportunity to work with a certified Personal Trainer in a casual, fun group setting.

"Challenge Accepted" is a unique class is for ACTIVE 50+ people with focus on strength, cardiovascular training, technique and form.  Liz will share today’s gym-style fitness training. Class may consist of using weights, timed intervals, Tabata, moving to music, teams or station work, mat work. stretching, balance training or using portable workout equipment.  Learn HOW TO MODIFY so you can progress with confidence!  Bring your own weights & mat.  Please wear proper workout attire (especially FOOTWEAR) and WATER WATER WATER!

TUESDAYS @ 9:30 & 10:30 AM- "Challenge Accepted" Barnstable Adult Community Center in Hyannis, MA.  
(508) 862-4750

WEDNESDAYS @ 9:30 AM - "MEN'S Challenge Accepted" Falmouth Senior Center.  508-540-0196 


THURSDAYS - @ 9:30 & 10:30 AM- "Challenge Accepted" Barnstable Adult Community Center in Hyannis, MA.  (508) 862-4750

FRIDAYS - COMING SOON - NEW!!  - "MEN'S Challenge Accepted" (in addition to Wednesday's class)

They Can't Take That Away From Me - Liz with Ted Jellinek, Tony Scalisi and Laird Boles
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